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What Is A Tax Lawyer?

A tax lawyer is an expert in Financial and Tax Law who has the ability to represent his clients before management organizations, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit or the Tax Administration Service. The objective of the tax lawyer is to ensure that his clients comply with all their tax obligations.

Tax non-compliance has serious consequences for a business and can result in confiscation of the company or even jail time. A good tax attorney can reverse any attempted seizure of her clients’ assets.

At Goldburd McCone LLP, we understand well how important a tax attorney is and ensuring that our clients receive the best advice on financial and tax matters. Through several decades of experience, we have achieved that the tax lawyer is a fundamental ally to protect and represent our clients before tax agencies and the government.

If you do not properly file your taxes, you could incur a large lawsuit against the government for other legal tasks, such as refunds, a bank account review, tax noncompliance, and even criminal penalties. Through her experience, a tax attorney is able to ensure that you obtain the greatest possible insurance and achieve the shortest possible tax obligation.

Our tax lawyers abogado fiscal advise their clients in all types of national and international tax procedures, including commercial operations and M&A, due diligence processes and project financing. In addition, specialized tax lawyers can help you avoid making filing errors and save your client more money.

Specialized attorneys work on all tax aspects to help accept local and federal government rates and rulings. Specialized lawyers also work on tax administration and resource phases at the local and US level.

With the advice of a specialized lawyer, clients can accept the fees because tax lawyers have all the necessary tools to defend their interests at the institutional level.