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The Gold Coast is More Than Just a Holiday Destination

The Gold Coast is a holiday destination that offers something for everyone, from glistening beaches to glam nightlife. But beyond the glamour, a real city is emerging that extends well beyond a tourism hub, with two universities, an international airport, national sports teams and regional hospitals. It is a city that has become a major economic centre with half a million residents, and a growing number of sophisticated eateries.

Gold Coast is a place where locals go to enjoy great food and hospitality. Whether you’re looking for the best burgers or a place to enjoy brunch, there is sure to be a spot to suit your tastes and budget.

From Surfers Paradise to Burleigh Heads, the Gold Coast click here for info has some of the country’s best restaurants. Sit kitchen-side at Social Eating House + Bar to tuck into renowned saltbush lamb shoulder, sample the South East Asian bites and banquets at Mamasan, or feast on a seafood extravaganza in Broadbeach.

There’s a new generation of Gold Coasters, and they’re taking dining up a notch. With the influx of young and savvy families, cafes are expanding their menus to cater for the needs of younger patrons. For example, Pippins 2.0 is now bigger and better than ever, and the food menu is filled with dishes that will surprise you (like tender veal sweetbreads on a bed of creamy polenta and delicious fried chicken sandwich with tater tot fries).

With a population of over half a million people, the Gold Coast is Australia’s fastest growing city and one of the largest cities outside the state capitals. Historically, it was the main holiday locality for the Brisbane region, and in World War I and II Gold Coast soldiers were highly regarded for their efforts in Cameroon and Africa.

Today, the city has expanded well beyond its brash and tacky image, and it is considered a major urban centre, home to a growing number of luxury resorts, boutique hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs. With the 2018 Commonwealth Games looming, Goldie is putting on its best face and is reinventing itself as an upscale holiday destination. The latest recipe includes sleek hotels, sophisticated restaurants and 300 days of sunshine. It’s a recipe that is winning over the travel crowds and ensuring that the Gold Coast will continue to be a popular choice for vacationers and investors alike.