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SETT Movers and Neptune

The discovery of Neptune was a watershed event in astronomy. It was the first time a planet had been found by studying its motion rather than its size or color. It was also the first time a large planet had been discovered using an elliptical orbit, rather than a circular one. These advances in astronomy paved the way for future discoveries of planets outside our solar system, known as exoplanets.

Like Uranus, Neptune is a cold gas giant, meaning that it has very little solid surface. Instead, it has a cloudy atmosphere that makes it look blue. The atmosphere is a mix of hydrogen and helium, with some carbon and nitrogen as well.

Neptune is the most remote planet in our solar system, and it’s also the coldest. Its temperature is about -217° Fahrenheit, which is very cold for a gas giant.

Unlike Uranus, Neptune has not been observed to have rings or other atmospheric phenomena, but it does have a host of moons. Its largest moon, Triton, is the only moon in our solar system to have a solid surface. Its color is a rich blue, and its rotation period is very slow, at just under 10 hours.

The best way to study Neptune is to use a telescope with a long focal length and a clear view of the sky. Even a small telescope can show Neptune’s disk at 200x on a night of good seeing. However, it may be difficult to spot because it looks distinctly different from a star of similar brightness. The disk of Neptune is fatter, and the light seems more solid than that of a star.

Astronomers have not yet detected a surface magnetic field on Neptune, but it’s possible that it has one. The orbit of Neptune and Uranus is slightly inclined to the plane of the ecliptic, so there could be a weak magnetic field that keeps their orbits in alignment with the rotational axis of the sun.

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