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Air Duct Cleaning Burlington

The quality of the air in your home is of utmost importance. While there are many factors that influence the quality of your indoor air, it is often overlooked that dirt and dust build up in air ducts can be one of the primary causes of poor indoor air quality. Over time, the average household produces over 40lbs of dirt, dust, dander, and other debris that accumulates in the air ducts. This dust then blows through the vents each time your HVAC system runs, polluting the air inside of your house and causing an array of problems. Air Duct Cleaning Burlington is a service that will thoroughly clean your entire ventilation system to ensure that your home has fresh and clean air, making it healthier for your family.

There are a number of companies that offer Air Duct Cleaning in Burlington, but not all are created equal. When choosing a company to clean your air ducts, be sure to read reviews and ask questions about the services they provide. A reputable company will be able to answer all of your questions, and they will only proceed with the cleaning of your air ducts after you have given them your approval.

In addition to performing an efficient and thorough job, your air duct cleaning service provider should be able to give you helpful advice about how to maintain your system and keep it clean. They should also be able to provide you with detailed estimates before beginning the work. You should never accept a quote that is not clearly explained or written out.

You may also want to inquire about any chemical treatments or biocides that they might use during the course of the cleaning process. These chemicals are designed to kill bacteria, fungus, and other microbiological contaminants that can be found in your ductwork. These chemicals should only be used after your ductwork has been completely cleaned of all visible dust and debris.

It is recommended that you get your air ducts cleaned every three to five years. Some people may need them to be cleaned more frequently, however. These situations include moving into a new home, finishing renovations, having vermin or mold issues, and having a member of the family that suffers from asthma, severe allergies, respiratory illness, or increased sensitivity to air pollution.