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How to Get Your Beer Can Labels Customized

The right beer label can make or break a brew’s chance at success in the market. The right label is your brand’s visual ambassador, catching the eye of consumers as they browse craft beer selections at retail stores and making it easy for them to learn about your brewery’s story and unique flavors. The right labels can also help you meet regulatory compliance requirements for product labeling.

Whether you’re brewing a seasonal brew or a new recipe, custom labels can help you create the right look and feel for your beer. Using a variety of digital printing options, you can easily customize one of our free label templates or create your own design for your beer cans or bottles. Avery wePrint even offers a variety of finishes and materials that can give your labels a high-end look. Our glossy and high-durability finishes resist oils and abrasions to hold up under extreme conditions. For a truly premium touch, we offer specialty elements like foils, raised coatings and textured papers.

A key consideration for beer can labels customized is the type of printing. The best choice will depend on how your labels are applied — wet application, dry application and ambient temperatures will all affect the adhesive and label material that work best for you. When you partner with Alpine, we can advise on the best label material based on these factors and recommend the correct printing technology — from small digital print runs for experimental brews to large flexographic runs for high volume production.

If your brewery uses aluminum cans, you have several printing options for beer labels. Shrink wrap labels, which encase the entire can, provide a clean and sleek look. They are ideal for smaller batch sizes because they can be printed with a high-resolution digital printer at a lower cost than direct to can printing. They are available in a variety of finishes and can include metallic inks, textures and holograms.

Alternatively, pressure sensitive labels can be applied directly to the can. This method is a good option for breweries with limited space on the can because it allows them to use up to six Pantone colors without worrying about seams or breaks in the label. However, it’s important to consider how the can will be stored and handled before deciding on this type of labeling.

A third option is to use removable beer labels. This is a popular choice for breweries that are launching new products or distributing their beer at events and festivals. These can be applied and removed with ease, and the label materials can be chosen to resist the environment and abrasions that can occur in transit. Alpine can offer these types of labels in both pressure-sensitive and self-adhesive materials.